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Songs[edit | edit source]

Morning Title-Artist-CD

  • Viva Las Vegas Johnny, Marky & Dee Dee Ramone Ramone's Solo Performances
  • Sunshine Timbuk 3 Big Shot In The Dark
  • City Beat Michael J Thomas City Beat
  • Toss the Feathers The Corrs Forgiven, Not Forgotten
  • Absolute Magnitude Chris Geith N/A
  • Santiago Armik Besos
  • This Day Was Coming James Brown Endless Summer Breeze
  • Under the Umbrella (End Title) Thomas Newman "Little Women
  • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"
  • TSOP - The Sound Of Philadelphia M.F.S.B. The Philly Sound (1966-1976)
  • Magnificent Ryan Farish N/A

Daytime Title-Artist-CD

  • The Gift 3rd Force "The Weather Channel
  • Presents Smooth Jazz"
  • Mahogany Lao Tizer Passages
  • Locomotion James Brown Endless Summer Breeze
  • Just Because Bernie Williams The Journey Within
  • 30-A Degrees Michael J Thomas City Beat
  • Nothin' But Love Boney James Best of Smooth Jazz, Vol. 1
  • Wherever You Are Anthony Davilio N/A
  • Argentina Darryl Lamont Williams N/A
  • Eternal Spring Chris Geith Island of a Thousand Dreams
  • Heart of Gold Yvonne Ayers N/A

Primetime Title-Artist-CD

  • Green Onions Booker T. & The MG's The Best of Booker T & The MGs


  • (Nelee Hooper Instrumental Remix)" Smashing Pumpkins Rarities and B-Sides
  • Hedwigs Theme John Williams "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's

Stone (Motion Picture Soundtrack)"

  • Love Clears the Way Gooding To Kiss To Kill
  • No More Sages Maserati Passages
  • Songbird Ryan Farish Bloom
  • Rockit Herbie Hancock The Best Of Herbie Hancock
  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
  • Freddie Freeloader Miles Davis Kind of Blue
  • Let it Rain Ryan Farish Bloom

Overnight Title-Artist-CD

  • Letting Go Lynn Patrick Winnies Guitar
  • Freddie Freeloader Miles Davis Kind of Blue
  • In A Nice Mood Ursula Suzanana Pacheco N/A
  • Reptile Eric Clapton Reptile
  • Malibu Nights Armik Besos
  • Taos Leaning Steve Glotzer N/A
  • Wedding Song (Forever Always) Michael J Thomas City Beat
  • Come By Me Andre L Parker Acousta LV
  • No Horizon Robert A Wolf Krakatoa
  • Please Please Let Have What I Want The Dream Academy Somewhere in the Sun
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