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NBC Weather Plus is a 24-hour, commercially-sponsored, weather-oriented broadcast/cable TV network jointly owned by NBC Universal & the local affiliates of the NBC network. It debuted on November 15, 2004. The network's headquarters was initially located @ the CNBC Global Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. It was relocated to 30 Rock in Manhattan with MSNBC in the fall of 2007. The service is broadcast on DT subchannels of certain NBC affiliates in the US & is available on digital cable systems in a SDTV format.

Prior to 2008, NBC Wx+ competed with The Weather Channel, which was itself acquired by a consortium led by NBC Universal in September 2008, as well as a similar DT service offered by AccuWeather, The Local AccuWeather Channel. Shortly after the acquisition of TWC on October 8 2008, NBC announced that Wx+ would be shut down by the end of 2008.


Local forecastsEdit

The local forecasts are the part of NBC Wx+'s programming schedule which viewers see the current conditions & local forecast for their respective area. These forecasts are usually shown after most national forecast segments. Pre-recorded weather segments featuring local weather information from meteorologists of local NBC affiliates are shown proceeding weather information.

Viewers can see current weather conditions for their location & surrounding areas, weather forecasts, doppler radars of the region & the day's actual high & low temperatures.

Internet viewers who see the national feed, including those areas where the network's website does not supply a certain city's Weather Plus feed, instead see a segment including daily forecasts for each region of the United States & satellite loops & Doppler radars of the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest & Southwest, respectively. Unlike TWC, however, NBC Wx+ does not carry the national feed on DirecTV, Dish Network or C band satellite.

Music for the local forecasts comes mostly from commercially available music, including those composed by 615 Music, who composed the music package used by NBC Wx+.

For the most part, the local stations label the NBC Wx+ service as "Weather Plus" with the station branding before it, often being used in unison as the NBC station's on-air weather branding during newscasts. Many NBC affiliates use the "Weather Plus" branding for their on-air weather branding, though some do not.

WNBC in New York was the test station for NBC Wx+.

National programmingEdit

NBC Wx+ does not air it's programming entirely live & it uses a digital video jukebox system to shuffle certain segments of the weathercasts unless severe weather breaks. This system is especially true with the seasonal outlooks, weather news segments @ :24 & :54 minutes past the hour & with late night programming. If one watches NBC Wx+ closely in any given day, 1 may find the same weather news segment that originally aired in the morning repeated long into the night, the same weather information airing @ 11 PM airing @ 4 AM & the same seasonal outlook (severe weather, tropical weather, or winter weather) segment that originally aired in the morning repeating long into the late afternoon. In the latter case, this is problematic due to the fact that if severe weather of either category occurs (unless it's very significant), updated information may not be available.

Appearance on other networksEdit

The channel's staff also provides weather updates for fellow NBC Universal cable channels CNBC & MSNBC & MSNBC airs 'sample' hours of the channel in holiday periods during the morning hours. In addition, Wx+ is promoted during Football Night in America and is used to provide gametime temperature and conditions for the later NBC Sunday Night Football game. Increasingly during times of significant national weather events (such as a major winter storm system), Wx+ meteorologists will appear live on NBC Nightly News to provide analysis.

The "L" BarEdit

NBC Wx+ uses an "L-Bar" across the left side 3rd & bottom 3rd of the screen to continuously air local weather information, even during commercial breaks, national weather & Weather Plus University.

The left side of the bar is reserved for sponsorship of Wx+ programming on the top left (sponsors of NBC Wx+'s programming is more often seen on local feeds), the middle left displays the sky condition, temperature, wind speed/direction & humidity for each city & the bottom left is reserved for station identification (on local feeds, featuring the NBC affiliate's logo augmented above the Wx+ portion of the logo) & current time is on the lower left. (During Weather Plus University, the sponsorship tag is removed.)

The cycle for each city's weather information display are as follows:

  • The current condition display cycle for 1 city runs for 20 seconds.
  • The 24-hour forecast cycle runs for 10 seconds.
  • The 5-day forecast cycle runs for 10 seconds.

However, the above does not hold true for the left side of the L-Bar on Sacramento NBC affiliate KCRA. Instead, the current conditions cycle continuously & the time is on the right-hand side in the lower-third.

The bottom of the bar to the right of the time & station ID displays the forecast for the next 24 hours featuring sky condition, temperature & estimated precipitation, followed by the 5-day forecast showing sky condition & predicted high & low temperatures. Occasionally, the current conditions display shows the icons telling the sky condition with the icon displaying sun despite it being nighttime. This also occurs on TWC but usually only in the hour following sunset. Not all cities where the current conditions are displayed on the left side of the "L" bar feature that city's forecast & may instead use the conditions of the closest reporting station to that community. For example: Dallas NBC affiliate KXAS' Wx+ feed displays the current conditions for Alliance Airport but shows the forecast for Dallas-Fort Worth.

DTV & cable viewers can see current weather conditions & weather forecasts for their location and surrounding areas, while internet viewers who see the national feed instead of a local feed, the bar displays current conditions & daily forecasts for 50 US cities.


Former on-camera meteorologistsEdit

  • Gary Archibald, now at The Weather Network
  • Samantha Davies, Now works at KXAS
  • Bill Karins
  • Raphael Miranda
  • Jackie Meretsky, now at ABC
  • Britta Merwin, now at KCRA
  • Jim Nichols
  • Jeff Ranieri, now at KNTV
  • Todd Santos
  • Ibby Carothers
  • Kristen Cornett, now at KMOV in St. Louis, MO
  • Elise Finch, now at WCBS
  • Michelle Grossman, now at WCAU
  • Sean McLaughlin
  • Byron Miranda
  • Hillary Andrews 

Programming schedule Edit

The following list is the current programming lineup provided by NBC Weather Plus (as of September 2007). Note that some network segments may have a different title @ times due to a sponsor for the forecast such as State Farm Road Coverage, which replaces Coast To Coast Forecast.

Time Show
Top of hour-:04 past the half-hour Local Weather
 :04 - :06 past the half-hour Coast To Coast Forecast
 :07.30 - :09.30 past the half-hour Local Weather
 :09.30 - :13.30 past the half-hour Severe Weather Outlook / Tropical Outlook 
 :15 - :19 past the half-hour Local Weather
 :19 - :21 past the half-hour Plus Five Forecast
 :22.30 - :24.30: past the half-hour Local Weather
 :25.00 - bottom of half-hour National feature segment or affiliate report spotlight

During severe weather, stations can choose to drop the national segments in favor of local coverage; the NBC Wx+ control room can then choose to show that feed nationally during the Coast To Coast Forecast or the + 5 Forecast, depending on what part of the programming cycle the network is in. The local broadcast is shown live if possible.

NBC Wx+ also airs the "NBC Weather Plus Weather Alert," which interrupts regular programming when a breaking weather story occurs. Breaking severe weather news & images from a particular NBC affilate may be shown.

To fulfill FCC E/I requirements, NBC Wx+ shows Weather Plus University on Saturday & Sunday afternoons.

In late October 2008, the national OCM segments have been phased out, as well as some of the local Wx+ systems. This leaves with only 6 minute music forecast segments & commercial breaks.


NBC announced on October 7, 2008 that Wx+ would be phased out by the end of the year, after the NBC affiliates expressed a desire to shut the service down. Though NBC cited it's purchase of TWC as a factor in the shutdown, it has been stated that the closure would have happened even if the acquisition had not happened.

According to NBC, Wx+ will begin it's phase-out late November, with it's closure date set for December 1, 2008.


DMA Market NBC Wx+ Affiliate DT subchannel Digital cable channel Station Owner Replaced by
#1 New York WNBC 4 DT2 Time Warner Cable 161
Comcast 248
RCN 189
Cablevision 109 (NY / NJ), 118 (CT)
Verizon FiOS 860 (NY / NJ)
#2 Los Angeles KNBC 4 DT2 Charter Communications 304
Comcast 193
COX Communications 804
Time Warner 1194
#3 Chicago WMAQ 5 DT2 Comcast 194
RCN 190
WOW! Internet Cable Phone 130
#4 Philadelphia WCAU 10 DT2 Comcast 248 NBC O&O
#5 Dallas-Ft. Worth KXAS 5 DT2 Time Warner Cable 365
Charter Communications 105
Verizon FiOS 860
#6 San Francisco KNTV 11 DT2 Comcast 186 NBC O&O
#7 Boston WHDH 7 DT2 Comcast 297 Sunbeam Television
#8 Atlanta WXIA 11 DT2 Comcast 211 Gannett
#9 Washington, D.C. WRC 4 DT2 Comcast 208
COX Communications 803
Verizon FiOS 860
#10 Houston KPRC 2 DT2 Comcast 320 Post-Newsweek Stations This TV
#11 Detroit WDIV 4 DT2 Comcast 249 Post-Newsweek This TV
#12 Phoenix KPNX 12 DT2 COX Communications 83
Qwest Choice TV 66
#13 Tampa WFLA 8 DT2 Bright House 607
Knology 133
Comcast 243
Media General
#14 Seattle KING 5 DT2 Comcast 115
Millennium Digital Media 108
#15 Minneapolis-St. Paul KARE 11 DT2 Comcast 249
Time Warner Cable 1112
Charter Communications 391
#16 Miami-Ft. Lauderdale WTVJ 6 DT2 Comcast 216 NBC O&O
#17 Cleveland WKYC 3 DT2 Time Warner Cable 522
COX Communications 211
Comcast 208
WOW! Internet Cable Phone 130
#18 Denver KUSA 9 DT2 Comcast 249 Gannett
#19 Orlando WESH 2 DT2 Bright House Networks 1021 Hearst-Argyle
#20 Sacramento KCRA 3 DT2 Comcast 193 Hearst-Argyle
#21 St. Louis KSDK 5 DT2 Charter Communications 127 Gannett
#22 Pittsburgh WPXI 11 DT2 Verizon FiOS 460
Comcast 208
Armstrong 445
Former Adelphia 111
COX Enterprises
#23 Portland, OR KGW 8 DT2 Comcast 308 Belo
#24 Baltimore WBAL 11 DT2 Comcast 208
Verizon FiOS 860
#25 Charlotte WCNC 36 DT2 Time Warner Cable 221 Belo
#27 San Diego KNSD 39 DT2 COX Communications 107
Time Warner Cable 253
#28 Raleigh-Durham WNCN 17 DT2 Time Warner 219 Media-General
#29 Hartford-New Haven WVIT 30 DT2 Comcast 248
COX 800
Cablevision 109
Charter 755
#31 Kansas City KSHB 41 DT2 Time Warner Cable 1442 E.W. Scripps
#32 Columbus WCMH 4 DT2 Time Warner Cable 80
Insight Communications 100
WOW! Internet Cable Phone 130
Media General
#33 Cincinnati WLWT 5 DT2 Insight Communications 431
Time Warner Cable 906
#34 Milwaukee WTMJ 4 DT2 Time Warner Cable 104 Journal Broadcast Group
#35 Salt Lake City KSL 5 DT2 Comcast 153 Bonneville International
#36 Greenville / Spartanburg / Asheville WYFF 4 DT2 Charter Communications 244 Hearst-Argyle
#37 San Antonio WOAI 4 DT2 Time Warner 80
GVTC 130
Grande Communications 130
Clear Channel
#38 West Palm Beach WPTV 5 DT2 Comcast 216 E.W. Scripps
#40 Birmingham WVTM 13 DT2 Bright House Networks 183
Charter 653
#41 Lancaster WGAL 8 DT2 Comcast 248
Blue Ridge Cable 136
#43 Las Vegas KVBC 3 DT2 COX Communications 124 Sunbelt Communications Company
#44 Albuquerque-Santa Fe KOB 4 DT2 Comcast 208 Hubbard Broadcasting
#45 Oklahoma City KFOR 4 DT2 COX Communications 247 Local TV
#46 Greensboro WXII 12 DT2 Time Warner Cable 541 Hearst-Argyle
#47 Memphis WMC 5 DT2 Time Warner Cable 4 Raycom Media
#48 Louisville WAVE 3 DT2 Insight Communications 128 Frankfort Plant Board Digital 150 Raycom Media
#49 Buffalo WGRZ 2 DT2 Time Warner Cable 114 Time Warner Cable of Olean 111 Gannett
#50 Jacksonville WTLV 12 DT2 Comcast 201 Gannett
#51 Providence WJAR 10 DT2 COX Communications 800
Comcast 750
Full Channel 190
Media General
#54 New Orleans WDSU 6 DT2 COX Communications 108
Charter Communications 183
#55 Fresno KSEE 24 DT2 Comcast 195 Granite Broadcasting
#56 Albany WNYT 13 DT2 Time Warner Cable 556
Adelphia 169
Berkshire Digital Cable 713
Hubbard Broadcasting
#59 Mobile / Pensacola WPMI 15 DT2 COX Communications 716
Comcast 194
Clear Channel
#60 Knoxville WBIR 10 DT2 Comcast 196 Charter Communications 196 Gannett
#61 Richmond WWBT 12 DT2 Comcast 208
FiOS 860
Raycom Media
#62 Tulsa KJRH 2 DT2 COX Communications 222 Scripps-Howard Broadcasting
#64 Fort Myers WBBH 20 DT2 Comcast 247 Waterman Broadcasting Corporation
#71 Toledo WNWO 24 DT2 Time Warner Cable 80
Buckeye CableSystem 626
Barrington Broadcasting
#72 Honolulu KHNL 13 DT2 Oceanic Time Warner 115 Raycom Media
#73 Des Moines WHO 13 DT2 Mediacom 246 Local TV
#74 Portland WCSH 6 DT2 Time Warner Cable 166 Gannett
#76 Springfield, MO KYTV 3 DT3 Mediacom 212 Schurz Communications
#77 Spokane KHQ 6 DT2 Comcast 114 The KHQ Television Group
#78 Rochester, NY WHEC 10 DT2 Time Warner Cable 110 Hubbard Broadcasting
#79 Syracuse WSTM 3 DT3 Time Warner Cable 133 Barrington Broadcasting
#83 Columbia, SC WIS 10 DT2 Time Warner Cable 806 Raycom Media
#84 Huntsville WAFF 48 DT2 Comcast 194
Knology 133
Mediacom 99
Raycom Media
#86 Chattanooga WRCB 3 DT2 Comcast 244
Charter Communications 196
Sarkes-Tarzian, Inc. RTN
#87 Jackson, MS WLBT 3 DT2 Time Warner Cable 102 Raycom Media
#89 Waterloo / Cedar Rapids KWWL 7 DT2 Mediacom 22 & 107
Cedar Falls Utilities 11
Quincy Newspapers
#90 Burlington WPTZ 5 DT2 Burlington Telecom 305 Hearst-Argyle
#91 Brownsville KVEO 23 DT2 Communications Corp of America
#93 Baton Rouge WVLA 33 DT2 COX Communications 133 White Knight Broadcasting
#95 Waco / Temple KCEN 6 DT2 Frank Mayborn Enterprises, Inc.
#96 Peoria WEEK 25 DT2 Comcast 138 Granite Broadcasting
#98 Johnstown WJAC 6 DT2 Atlantic Broadband 11
Former Adelphia 106
COX Enterprises
#99 El Paso KTSM 9 DT2 Time Warner Cable 1302 Communications Corp of America
#103 Myrtle Beach WMBF 32 DT2 TBA Raycom Media
#106 Fort Wayne WISE 33 DT3 Comcast 249 Granite Broadcasting Corporation VIPIR Radar
#110 Reno KRNV 4 DT2 Charter Communications 224 Sunbelt Communications Company
#111 Tyler KETK 56 DT2 Suddenlink 222 Communications Corp of America
#113 Traverse City WPBN 7 DT3 Charter Communications 201 Barrington Broadcasting
#115 Sioux Falls KDLT 46 DT2 Midcontinent Communications 606
Knology 132
Red River Broadcasting
#117 Montgomery WSFA 12 DT2 Bright House Networks 213 / 228
Knology 121
Charter Communications 183
Raycom Media
#123 Lafayette KPLC 7 (Lake Charles)
WVLA 33 (Baton Rouge)
COX Communications 130 (KPLC) Raycom
#124 Salinas KSBW 8 DT2 Comcast Ch. 186 Hearst-Argyle
#126 Yakima KNDO 23 DT3 Charter Communications 287 The KHQ Television Group
#126 Kennewick / Pasco / Richland KNDU 25 DT3 Charter Communications 287 The KHQ Television Group
#130 Chico / Redding KNVN 24 TBA TBA Evans Broadcasting of Chico, L.L.C.
#131 Amarillo KAMR-TV 4 DT2 Suddenlink 7 Nexstar Broadcasting
#136 Wilmington WECT 6 DT2 Time Warner Cable 939 Raycom Media
#137 Duluth KBJR 6 DT3 Charter Communications 391 Granite Broadcasting
#139 Columbia, MO KOMU 8 DT2 Mediacom 247 University of Missouri
#145 Albany, GA WALB 10 DT2 Mediacom 26 Raycom Media
#147 Lubbock KCBD 11 DT2 COX Communications 112 Raycom
#152 Bangor WLBZ 2 DT2 Time Warner Cable 166 Gannett
#155 Steubenville / Wheeling WTOV 9 DT2 Comcast 208
Jefferson County Cable 11
COX Enterprises
#163 Pocatello KPVI 6 DT2 Sunbelt Communications Company
#165 Hattiesburg / Laurel WDAM 7 DT3 Comcast 243 Raycom
#175 Lake Charles KPLC 7 DT2 Suddenlink 247 Raycom
#178 Marquette, MI WLUC 6 DT2 Charter Communications 306 Barrington Broadcasting
#181 Charlottesville WVIR 29 DT2 Comcast 208 Waterman Broadcasting Corporation
#196 Lima WLIO 35 DT3 Block Communications